Parents are an essential partner in providing the best overall experience for students here at IC Catholic Prep.

Together we support the academic, athletic and spiritual development of your students. Please consider joining the ICCP Parents Club and the ICCP Booster Club to get more involved.

Important Resources

ICCP Parents Club

To work in conjunction with the high school administration and Directors of Admissions and Development to provide awareness and parental support through volunteer services. The ICCP Parents Club has maintained a proud tradition of friendship and support by offering parents/guardians of ICCP students the opportunity to get acquainted through a number of social events and fundraisers that ultimately benefit ICCP and its students.

IC Catholic Prep draws students from over 40 communities. The Parents Club provides ICCP Parents with a forum to meet, get acquainted, and become involved by sharing new ideas and talents. Our parents are our best advocates. We need you to help us spread the word about all the great things that our high school is doing.

Membership is available to any parent or guardian of a student enrolled at IC Catholic Prep. A parent or guardian may join at any time during the school year. We encourage all parents to get involved!

  • President—Katie McDonough
  • Vice President—Tracy Markey (email)
  • Treasurer—Sheryl Sloan (email)
  • Secretary—Christine Alaimo
  • Communications—Rebecca Levy

Parents Club meetings are held offsite at different locations on the second Thursday of each month. Our format provides a forum to meet, get acquainted, and become involved by sharing new ideas and talents. 7:00 – 8:00 PM Meeting / 8:00 – 9:30 PM Socialize

A monthly email will be sent out with an exact date, location, and agenda/presentation for that month’s specific meeting.

If you are unable to attend the meeting(s), there are other ways you can help out:

HOSPITALITY – Bake, cook, shop for food, and set up/clean up for special events.

MARKETING & EVENT SUPPORT – Assist current ICCP staff with “behind the scenes” tasks including but not limited to data management, list preparation, invitation stuffing and mailing, event coordination, and set-up or tear down for school events.

PARENT AMBASSADOR – Communicate the vision and mission of IC Catholic Prep to parents, alumni and the surrounding communities by representing ICCP at different school/social events. We will look for people to help by hosting a gathering in their home, extending personal invitations to various school events, promoting events, soliciting auction items, greeting attendees at receptions, and providing guided tours for prospective families.

PARENTS CLUB MEETING HOST – Host a monthly Parents Club meeting! In an effort to make
our meetings less meeting-like and more inviting, the ICCP Parents Club holds its monthly get-togethers at homes of ICCP families. All we need is a meeting area for 15-20 people. Parents Club provides the snacks and beverages, set up and clean up.

GENERAL VOLUNTEER – Not sure what you want to do, but know that you want to help out in some shape or form? We would love to put your talents and energy to use! Just check this box and we will contact you to determine the best volunteer fit for you. Just FYI — you can still volunteer even if you can’t make any or all of the PC meetings.

Please note that when you sign up for any of these volunteer positions, you are not obligated to perform all tasks/duties listed under that position. We understand that each parent has different talents or time that they can share. Thanks in advance for your help! No time to help?…just attend the meetings! As a member of the ICCP Parents Club, you have the unique opportunity to connect with your child’s school, meet new friends and help make a difference in the ICCP community. Please join us! Your support is vital to our success!

Week 1
108 pts $250 Kathryn Golabek
107 pts $150 Amber Jasinski (ticket sold by McKenzie Klug)
106 pts $75 Phyllis Carroll (ticket sold by Dino Wazer)
104 pts $50 Ian Levy (ticket sold by Ian Levy)
20 pts $25 Evelyn Rapier (ticket sold by Sophia Lucas)
26 pts $5 Nikki Wojtalewicz (ticket sold by Markey family)
26 pts $5 Roman Szalata (ticket sold by Joey Ruiz)
26 pts $5 Gabriel Antunez
26 pts $5 Susie Bauernfeind (ticket sold by Susie Bauernfeind)

Week 2
115 pts $250 Renee Kohler (ticket sold by Urso family)
110 pts $113 Maureen Martin (ticket sold by Barb Crawford)
110 pts $113 Mike Biba (ticket sold by Jax Lima)
108 pts $50 Joe Reyes (ticket sold by McKenzie Klug)
17 pts $23 Barb Wayzer (ticket sold by Dylan)
17 pts $23 Renee Kohler (again. Ticket sold by Urso family).

Week 3
102 pts $250 Javier Lazcano (ticket sold by Mila Lazcano)
99 pts $113 Jim Gleason (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)
99 pts $113 Ruben Bonilla, Jr. (ticket sold by Bailee Salazar)
98 pts $50 Boris Zrnic (ticket sold by Orlando Medrano)
29 pts $25 Beatriz Jaimes (ticket sold by Santiago Family)
30. pts $10 Brandon Rowe
30 pts $10 Jeanne Tinucci (ticket sold by Alaimo Family

Week 4
134 pts $250 Reina Zayas (ticket sold by Matthew A.)
123 pts $150 Marcus Coleman (ticket sold by Marcus Coleman, Jr)
121 pts $63 Wyatt Janshen (ticket sold by Dylan)
121 pts $63 Lola Vasquez (ticket sold by Mia V.)
31 pts $25 Amanda Cielenski (ticket sold by Ashley Thorson)
37 pts $20 Luciano Sanchez (ticket sold by Leo M.)

Week 5
109 pts $250 Monaray Singleton (ticket sold by Carl Hams)
108 pts $113 Lola Vasquez (ticket sold by Mia V.)
108 pts $113 Cassandra Campos (ticket sold by Ulises Merino)
107 pts $25 Tiffany Early (ticket sold by Julian Nunez)
107 pts $25 Seth Rickert (ticket sold by Rickert Family)
12 pts $25 Kym Turco (ticket sold by Rickert Family)
15 pts $10 Keith Thorson (ticket sold by Carl Alaimo)
15 pts $10 Sonya Adams (ticket sold by Kancrin Reese)

Week 6

100 pts $250 Laura Alvarez (ticket sold by Leyden Bears)
99 pts $113 Mike O’Connor (ticket sold by Jax Lima)
99 pts $113 Vickie LaRocco (ticket sold by Bailee)
98 pts $50 Catherine Rose (ticket sold by Joey Ruiz)
17 pts $25 Justin Leider (ticket sold by Jasper Family)
19 pts $10 Nancy Roman (ticket sold by Ana)
19 pts $10 R. Gorzynski (ticket sold by Mazzone Family)

Week 7

115 pts $250 George Sample, Jr (ticket sold by Carl Harris)
114 pts $150 Molly Galvin (ticket sold by Rickert Family)
113 pts $63 Margaret Costello (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)
113 pts $63 Dannely Blanco (ticket sold by Bailee Salazr)
18 pts $25 Paula Mercado (ticket sold by Nico Mercado)
19 pts $20 Avery Kweston (ticket sold by Kamarion Reese)

Week 8

127 pts $200 Maria Costa (ticket sold by Owen Bruns)
127 pts $200 Johnathon Davila (ticket sold by Selena Vilchis)
125 pts $75 Juan Salas (ticket sold by Brenda Ruiz)
124 pts $50 Vic Rubino (ticket sold by Flavio)
23 pts $25 Juan Garcia (ticket sold by Damacus Garcia)
26 pts $10 Carl Harris (ticket sold by Carl Harris)
26 pts $10 Nate Cockerham (ticket sold by Kamarion Reese)

Week 9

123 pts $250 Jenni Ackerman  (ticket sold by Matthew A)
122  pts $150 Terry Riley (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)
118 pts $75 Phyllis Carroll (ticket sold by Dino Wazer)
110 pts $50 Myrna Scott (ticket sold by Lilyana Colon)
25 pts $25 Joan Sullivan (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)
27 pts $20 Fernando Zuniga (ticket sold by Leyden Bears)

Week 10

114 pts $250 David Baker  (ticket sold by Melissa Quinoes and
Cataleya Cotto)
112 pts $150 Ramon Szalata (ticket sold by Joey Ruiz)
111 pts $63 Scott Simmons (ticket sold by Barb Crawford)
111 pts $63 Brian Vilchis (ticket sold by Selena Vilchis)
36 pts $25 Antonio Vilchis (ticket sold by Selena Vilchis)
40 pts $10 Carlos Colon (ticket sold by Mia)
40 pts $10 Bob Nowak (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)

Week 11
117 pts $250 Angel Ramirez (ticket sold by Ava Otte)
116  pts $150 Eric Melendez (ticket sold by Leyden Bears 10U)
109 pts $75 Tiffany Benard (ticket sold by Kamarian Reese)
108 pts $25 Eric Tison (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)
108 pts $25 Martin Alvarez (ticket sold by Matthew A.)
16 pts $15 Eric Meiendez (ticket sold by Leyden Bears 10U)
16 pts $15 Tiffany Benard..again (ticket sold by Kamarian Reese)
16 pts $15 Carl Harris (ticket sold by Carl Harris)

Week 12

114 pts $250 Mike Freite (ticket sold by Carl Aliamo)
113 pts $150 Maria Turner (ticket sold by Kalani Aguilar) 
108 pts $75 Dennis Pleasant (ticket sold by Mario Garcia)
107 pts $50 Judith De Lucio (ticket sold by Ulizes Merino)
20 pts $23 Richsrd Schleiter (ticket sold by Bauernfeind Family)
20 pts $23 Jennifer Jepsen (ticket sold by ICCP Boosters)

Week 13

127 pts $250 Carl Harris (ticket sold by Carl Harris)
122 pts $150 Dwight Delgado (ticket sold by Jennifer Suwinski-Russ) 
121 pts $31 Daniel Rodriguez (ticket sold by Brenda Herrera)
121 pts $31 Dan Moorman (ticket sold by Falco Family)
121 pts $31 Kimberly Dell (ticket sold by Reanella/Nevaeh)
121 pts $31 Mark Mille (ticket sold by Leyden Bears)
29 pts $25 Tom Hackett (ticket sold by ICCP Boosters)
33 pts $7 Ana Bigos (ticket sold by Beata Caballero)
33 pts $7 Jorge Villazana (ticket sold by Korina Villazana)
33 pts $7 Maureen Martin (ticket sold by Barb Crawford)

Week 14

119 pts $250 Nelson Calles (ticket sold by Fernando Calles)
118 pts $150 Alberto Hernandez (ticket sold by Sophia Ortiz) 
111 pts $63 Margaret Costello (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)
111 pts $63 Rich Bauer (ticket sold by Rickert Family)
29 pts $25 Dave Rickert (ticket sold by Rickert Family)
33 pts $7 Rafael Lopez (ticket sold by Leyden Bears)
33 pts $7 Natalie Kempa (ticket sold by Mark Kempa)
33 pts $7 Navarro Patterson (ticket sold by Tony)

Week 15

111 pts $250 Phillip McLaughlin (ticket sold by Tom Guinan)
110 pts $150 Andy Van Dyke (ticket sold by Carl Alaomo) 
109 pts $63 Patty Basalone (ticket sold by Gino Difronzo)
109 pts $63 Monica Escanio (ticket sold by Ava Otte)
28 pts $23 Matthew Garcia (ticket sold by Damacus Garcia)
28 pts $23 Juan Zayas (ticket sold by Matthew H)

Week 16

122 pts $250 Javier Lazcano (ticket sold by Mila Lazcano)
118 pts $150 Gino Costineiros (ticket sold by Alex Diaz) 
117 pts $75 German Maya (ticket sold by Mila Lazcano)
114 pts $50 Barb Momsen (ticket sold by Mazzone Family)
16 pts $25 Jim and Marian Lima (ticket sold by Gio Johnson)
20 pts $20 Luis Hernandez (ticket sold by Catalaya Otto and Melissa Quinones)

Week 17

120 pts $250 Augustin Ramirez (ticket sold by Leyden Cheer)
117 pts $150 Tiffany Early (ticket sold by Julian Nunez) 
116 pts $63 Alma Ortiz (ticket sold by Angel Diaz)
116  pts $63 Jeff Kubik (ticket sold by Jason Holland)
19 pts $23 Tiffany Huerta (ticket sold by Jackson Wawczak)
19 pts $23 Adrian Lazcano (ticket sold by Catalaya Otto and Mila Lazcano)

Week 18

105 pts $250 Leah Fafinski (ticket sold by Sofia Roberts)
104 pts $150 Kim Robinson (ticket sold by Kamarrion Reese) 
103 pts $75 Jim Drost (ticket sold by Maureen Undine)
101  pts $17 Rick Wnek (ticket sold by Leyden Bears)
101  pts $17 John Rozak (ticket sold by Kohler Family)
101  pts $17 Monica Miranda (ticket sold by Leyden Bears)
22 pts $25 Gio Solis (ticket sold by Mila Lazcano)
23 pts $20 Jackie Guzzetta (ticket sold by Joey Ruiz)

The ICCP Booster Club works with the high school administration and the Athletic Director to provide financial assistance and volunteer services in support of ICCP athletic programs.

IC Catholic Prep parents and guardians, alumni and family members may become members of the Booster Club. No one under the age of twenty-one may become a member of the Booster Club.

  • President—Jeff Markey (email)
  • Vice President—Ian Levy
  • Secretary—Jen Russ
  • Treasurer—Kathy and Steve Hilgart

Thank you for supporting ICCP Athletics. Go Knights!

Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month.

Location: IC Catholic Prep Campus (217 Cottage Hill, Elmhurst) at 7:00 PM

NFL Raffle is a weekly contest and winners are announced every Wednesday during the season. For more information, visit the NFL Raffle page.