IC Catholic Prep Computer Science Curriculum

IC Catholic Prep is excited to introduce a new Computer Science curriculum for the 2022-2023 academic year with 5 new courses:

Introduction to Computer Science
Web Design
Introduction to Programming
AP Computer Science Principles (2023-2024)

This past summer, IC Catholic Prep completed the renovation and formal creation of the Innovation Lab on campus in anticipation of developing a Computer Science curriculum. Ms. Nancy Boros joined our faculty this year to develop the new curriculum. As stated by Ms. Boros, “Today’s job market is looking for individuals that can be creative, communicate effectively, solve problems, and work in teams. Computer science electives offer the opportunity to develop logic and analytical skills and teach a systematic way of thinking.”

Introduction to Computer Science will replace Computer Apps and Web Design as a freshmen requirement. The course will continue to introduce Google and Microsoft applications which are needed to be successful in high school and college, however, the focus of the course will then turn to career paths in Computer Science.

Web Design and Animation will be open to all Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Introduction to Programming is open to all students who meet the prerequisite and is required for those students who plan to take AP Computer Science in 2023-24 or beyond.

“The Innovation Lab was a huge first step in offering these exciting new courses. Our new space and curriculum will provide students even more opportunity to learn important skills and concepts that will prepare them for a world that depends on technology in so many careers,” said Mr. Stephen Davidson, Principal.

Students will begin meeting with their counselors next week and selecting courses for next year. Please see the Curriculum Guide for course descriptions here