Eric Krasich, Boys Physical Education & Health Teacher

We have welcomed new faculty and administrators to the IC Catholic Prep family this school year. Today let’s meet Mr. Eric Krasich.

Question: I teach/work in education because…

Eric: Because it gives me the opportunity to make an impact on students’ lives and help them achieve their dreams and get to where they want to be.

Q: What inspires you about teaching?

Eric: Having the opportunity to play even the smallest role in helping the students realize that anything is possible through hard work, determination, and faith.

Q. Please share a quote from someone that inspires you, gives you strength and describe why when you reflect on the words.


“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.” – Seneca.

Life will throw many hurdles at you, but it’s how you respond to those obstacles that truly determine who you are and what you’re meant for.

Q: In your brief tenure with IC Catholic Prep, what impresses you the most? Why?

Eric: The support from the staff has been amazing. I feel very welcomed and at home here at IC Catholic Prep.

Q: Undergraduate Degree, Major, School and Graduate Degree, Major, School


  • BA, Physical Education, Benedictine University
  • MSc, Applied Sports & Exercise Science, Specialism in Strength & Conditioning, University of East London