Principal Dispatch—Do Your Part

The 1st Quarter has come to a close, and this week we are hosting virtual parent teacher conferences on Thursday, October 22 between 1:00—9:00pm. If you have not scheduled a conference with your student’s teachers, click here for available times.
Today is the first day of Winter Dress Code. Thank you for ensuring that our students are properly dressed. Please contact Mr. Jack Doyle, Dean of Students, with any questions.
I encourage everyone to continue taking safety precautions and abiding by our school social contract to limit the spread of COVID-19. Cases are rising in our state and in our community. We all must do our part to keep our school open for academic and spiritual instruction.
Our Personal Responsibilities to the School and Each Other
As stated in our Social Contract, we must all “adhere to community, city, state and federal public health guidelines and mandates outside of school including recreational and extra-curricular activities.”
Responsible Citizenship Reminders
  • Students must practice social distancing when with friends and wear masks when unable to maintain six foot distancing.
  • If you or your family travel, we expect you to follow Travel Guidance issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health.
  • Daily health screenings should be filled out daily for all students attending in-person classes.
Let’s work together to make the right decisions to keep our community healthy and vibrant. That means making hard choices that may be unpopular. We are all in this together and so far we are thriving as a community in education, faith, and health.
May Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception continue to guide and protect you.
Thriving together,
Stephen Davidson