Junior Class Retreat 2020 at LaSalle Manor

The IC Catholic Prep junior class traveled to Plano, Illinois last week to LaSalle Manor for the popular Junior Retreat.

Though the retreat was not an overnight experience like in years past, IC Catholic Prep students were still able to enjoy what is at the heart of the Junior Retreat experience, young hearts growing in faith, strengthening their relationships, and beginning their journey of self-discovery.

The LaSalle Manor retreat staff did an amazing job of retooling their retreat in light of COIVD-19 protocols without jeopardizing the integrity of the experience. Over three days the junior class participated in energizers, team builders, witness, small groups, and personal reflection.

IC Catholic Prep juniors were really able to root themselves in the teachings and meaning of the Paschal Mystery. Julie Schwartz and her retreat team really challenged our students to think about who is their H.E.R.O. Who is someone in their life that is HOPEFUL, ENDURING, RADICAL, and OUTPOURING and how can you become that person for others?

The juniors responded well to the challenge while on retreat. Now, the challenge is for them to live the retreat out everyday back on campus and in their lives.

Day 1

ICCP Junior Retreat at LaSalle Manor, Day 1

Day 2

ICCP Junior Retreat at LaSalle Manor, Day 2

Day 3

ICCP Junior Retreat at LaSalle Manor, Day 3