PSAT Testing and Financial Aid for College Zoom Meeting

October 14, 2020

PSAT Testing for All Juniors and Sophomores

7:45 am – Noon (12:00 pm)


  • All Juniors and Sophomores will attend school during times listed above to complete PSAT Testing.
  • Students should bring two (2) No. 2 pencils and a calculator.


Seniors and Freshmen will work remotely. Seniors should use this time wisely to complete college applications and schedule campus visits. Freshmen should use this day to catch up and finish the 1st Quarter strong.

Financial Aid for College Zoom Meeting for Parents, 7pm

This presentation will be given by Victoria Spivak, PhD., Asst. Vice President of Student Enrollment at Dominican University. Topics to be discussed include financial aid, completing the FAFSA, what an Estimated Family Contribution means (EFC), how to read award letters, and much more.

This presentation is open to all parents—Freshmen through Seniors.

The most important part of the Zoom meeting will be the opportunity to answer your questions and help you get a better understanding of the financial aid application process.

Check your email for a message about registering for the Zoom meeting from Mrs. Jean Field, Director of Counseling.