Principal Dispatch—Full Day Blended Learning

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26, is the first day of Full Day Blended Learning.
In-Person and Synchronous Learning
Over the next eight (8) school days (Aug. 26 – Sep. 4), we will run alphabetical Blended Learning on full day schedules. Students at home will be required to log-in remotely for synchronous learning.
  • Students at home are required to log-in via Zoom for live, synchronous instruction.
  • Students are expected to interact with the class and teacher by completing in-classwork, asking questions, participating in small group work, and taking notes.
  • Students in the classroom and at-home should be logged in for each of their classes prior to the start of class and waiting in the Zoom waiting room for admittance by the teacher.
  • Attendance will be taken for each synchronous class.
Note: Tuesday, September 1st is a 1:30 PM dismissal following our PLC Schedule.
As we launch interactive, synchronous classes for the first time, there are bound to be some technical difficulties. We are starting simple and taking it one step at a time. Our director of technology will be monitoring activity and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. Please communicate any technology issues with me, the principal at [email protected].
Asynchronous Coursework
Students are not expected to log-in to the following classes: all levels of Physical Education (PE), Computer Apps & Web Design, all Art classes, and all Music classes.
  • These courses have an asynchronous approach with an alternate assignment posted each day for students participating in at-home learning.
  • Students who have chosen to learn at-home exclusively to start the year should follow the course curriculum through conversation with the teacher of each asynchronous course.
  • Study halls and lunches do not require student log-in. Therefore, students at-home should eat lunch as they normally would and complete homework during these periods.
Regular School Day Schedule


Students with Last Names A-L



Students with Last Names M-Z



Students with Last Names A-L


For the most updated info, visit IC Catholic Prep’s Return to School Resource.

Together we will thrive!

May Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception continue to guide and protect you.


Stephen Davidson