Alumni Spotlight: Michelle Lemus, 2008

Each month we will feature a member of our alumni (the League of Knights) to highlight their accomplishments after graduating from IC Catholic Prep. This month, we spoke to alumnae, Michelle Lemus, class of 2008. Michelle attended Northern Illinois University and Concordia University Irvine where she majored in Business Administration with a Sport Management emphasis. Michelle was also the goalie for the Concordia Eagles Lacrosse Team.

ICCP: What was your favorite subject in school?

Michelle: Math was my favorite subject in high school because I liked the process of solving problems and seeing it all the way through from start to finish.      

ICCP: What is your best memory from your time at IC?

Michelle:Lunch time with my friends was always the best! There was never a dull moment at that table and I am so grateful for the friendships and memories from my time at IC.

ICCP: What are some highlights from your career?

Michelle: After graduating from Concordia University, I was asked to be an assistant coach for the women’s lacrosse team the following year. In that season we advanced to the National Championship and got to travel to Utah. During this time, I was fortunate enough to have a Supervisor position working for the City of Irvine in the Parks and Recreation department creating sports programs and clinics for kids Ages 3-11. This was a very fulfilling role as I was able to implement many new programs and work with children.

Following that position, I am currently working in accounting for the leader in data analytics software in Irvine, CA. This company has been amazing and has challenged me to continue to pursue further education and skills towards a technology-based background.

ICCP: What is one other thing you would like to share with IC alumni?

Michelle:IC helped challenge me in many different ways and I believe has been the greatest factor and reason for my successes in my adult life. The education I received at IC helped set my standard in the university I chose. I transferred from NIU to Concordia because Concordia had a smaller class size and it was the environment I was used to learning and thriving in and it helped me immensely.

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