Guest Blog: Interning at IC Catholic Prep

My name is Sebastian, and I live in Frankfurt, Germany. I am in Grade 11 at Musterschule where I have been a student since Grade 5. In Germany every student in 11th grade has to do an internship, and I chose to come to Elmhurst and IC Catholic Prep to fulfill my internship requirement.

Photographic Experiences While Interning at IC Catholic Prep

Here I support the Development Office. A major focus of the office is to plan special events that both creates awareness about and fundraises for the school. I was quickly put to work on one of those events, called the Distinguished Alumni Mass and Recognition.

Some of the things I worked on included setting up the Agnesian room in the Immaculate Conception Parish Administration Center where the family and friends of the honorees gathered for a reception following the main event.

I was also asked to be in charge of photography during the event. It was my first time being in charge of taking photos at an event, and I had fun doing it. After a brief tutorial on using a Nikon DSLR camera, I found the experience of taking event photos very interesting. My generation is accustomed to using our cell phones for our photography purposes.

Besides taking photos, I also wanted to experience this event because back in Frankfurt my school does not have events like these. The task and experience were more enjoyable than I anticipated. I liked that alumni were honored for their personal and professional achievements as well as their commitment to the IC Catholic Prep community. I was really impressed by the speeches given by the honorees.

I, therefore, got experience in planning and organizing an event, but I also got experience in photography. All in all, it was a good day!