Blue & White Raffle Grand Prize & Incentive Winners 2019

The 2019 Blue & White Raffle has come to a conclusion with the announcement of the grand and incentive prize winners.

The Grand Prize Winners are:

  • $3000 – Joe and Karen Ptack. (Ticket sold by Alex and Stephen Ptack)
  • $2000 – Fernando Calles. (Ticket sold by Eva Calles)
  • $1000 – Corey Smith. (Ticket sold by Norvice Landon)

Additionally, we congratulate the Incentive Prize Winners who are:

  • $150 – The Gendusa Family.
  • $150 – The Buscemi Family.
  • $150 – The Wojtalewicz Famiy.

Thank you to all the families who participated in the 2019 Blue & White Raffle. Your support helps us continue to deliver on our mission of developing the next generation of students capable of learning, leading and serving.