Knight Times—Principal Schergen Continuing His Legacy

By Elizabeth Murray for the Knight Times Newspaper

As we begin a new school year at IC Catholic Prep P, we welcome Mr. Schergen as our new principal. In the past 7 years, he has served 5 years as Athletic Director and 2 years as President and now continues his tenure with the position of Principal. He takes over the position from Ms. Levar, who had a forty year history at ICCP. I had the pleasure to sit down with Mr. Schergen and discuss his life as IC Catholic Prep Principal. One of the many topics was taking over for Mrs. Levar. His perspective was that you can’t compare yourself to a legend, but you can use the mentoring, life lessons, and challenges to make the position your own.

Mr. Schergen brings to the post, his personal mission statement: “Positive energy, and positive people create positive results.” One of his first acts as principal was to create the Principal Advisory Council. The Council is made up of the principal and a select group of students in which they discuss issues involving the school and changes to make. The Principal Advisory Council helps to promote student voice, as he states “School doesn’t exist without it’s students.” Mr. Schergen has a history of promoting open communication, developing leadership, and forming strong community bonds which is evidenced by his implementation of the Athletic Leadership Council while he was the Athletic director at ICCP. He looks forward to staying connected to parents and students through monthly principal newsletter. He also wants to recognize student achievements on a onthly basis.

Although he considers the community of ICCP his family, he also has a family of his own. His family consists of a wife and 3 children ages ranging from 7th grade in middle school to a high school sophomore. He incorporates his Catholic faith and his love of athletics into his family life and ICCP by attending his children’s sporting events along with ICCP sporting events. One of his goals for the upcoming school
year is to be open and accessible to the students. Mr. Schergen wanted to offer a piece of advice for the seniors as they finish their high school career. “Remember the lessons you learned at ICCP and apply them to their future in college and life. Always remember: ‘Once a Knight, Always a Knight’”. Welcome Principal Schergen. By becoming our principal, Mr. Schergen is continuing the everlasting legacy he has and will have on ICCP. IC Catholic Prep appreciates his dedication and support he’s put into the school. He is just starting his legacy that will live on for generations to come.

Knight Times Newspaper — August 2019 Edition (PDF)