First-Ever Knight-Up Assembly Rings in New School Year

Emilio Ortega
Knight Times

Happy New Year! Despite summer coming to a seemingly abrupt end, amazingly, the start of the new 2019 school year could not have been less eventful. The walls of IC Catholic Prep (ICCP) certainly reverberated new and exciting vibes as the community not only welcomed the new freshman class last Wednesday, but also, a new administration, staff, and reignited school spirit.

Organized by seniors Gabi Zanoni and Erin Liska, the entire school community came together on the school’s north lawn for a back to school “Knight Up” assembly, that, as all who attended could surely attest to, more closely resembled a classic summer block-party than a typical school assembly. The entire student population got to enjoy bouncy castles, bean bag tosses, and many other lawn games, even including the very popular “dunk-tank” which featured several of our own teachers and students getting mercilessly and hilariously dunked in a full tank of water thanks to the talented aim of many students.

Perhaps even more well-received than the dunk tank was the catering, which included hundreds of Chick-fil-A sandwiches, Armand’s pizza, cookies, chips, and many scoops of Kilwin’s ice cream. Students of all grade levels were elated to enjoy both delicious food and exhilarating activities. Evidently, there’s no better way to properly part with summer break and get pumped for the new academic year than by celebrating the way we Knights know best.

This fantastic first day and “assembly” was of course made possible by the collaboration and dedicated efforts of our new principal, Mr. Tom Schergen, Mrs. Nikki Kanzia, Senior Super Squad, Parents Club, and our beloved teaching staff. On another level, this new event also metaphorically represents the future of ICCP. Despite the school only being in session for a short amount of time so far, ICCP has already seen many changes to many areas of the school, such as the outdoor assembly, which hopefully will further improve our high school for the better. So far, the transition into ICCP’s next chapter has been nothing but seamless, which only causes more anticipation to see what other exciting things are in store for our school in the future.

Overall, the event proved to be an excellent welcome to our new freshman class as well as a very pleasant surprise for our returning students and teachers as it will undoubtedly go down in the history books as one of the most memorable events in ICCP’s modern history.